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I'm Thomas Thurman, poet, programmer and storyteller. This is not my home page, but it is a collection of ways to find me. It's rather plainly formatted so that it's easy to read on a telephone.

(In case you were wondering, I'm the one who started the petition to put Alan Turing on the £10 note. I'm happy to talk to the press or bloggers about it. This page explains how to contact me.)


Temporary note, winter 2012/3: I'm not working at present. This is because 1) I am caring for my fiancée who has fibromyalgia, 2) I have phototherapy for severe psoriasis three mornings a week, 3) I am sleeping so badly it's hard to concentrate some days, and I'm awaiting the results of a sleep study. All this works against holding down a regular job, so I'm living off savings and finishing a novel. Things will be different next year. In the meantime, if you want some contract Perl, Python, C, or C++ work done that can fit around the above, feel free to contact me. Here's my ELance profile.


Firstly, my email address is If you know my GMail address, please don't use it: it exists mostly to let me log into Google services, and if you send things there I probably won't see them for quite a while. Don't use my address either: it's only a forwarder.

I love getting email, but bear in mind that I view it as a distraction and therefore may not read your email immediately. Also, I get a lot of mail, so if I haven't replied after a week or so, your email probably got caught in the spam filters or something similar. Please feel free to hassle me, unless you're trying to sell me something, when I am probably ignoring you on purpose.


I have a Facebook fan page for my writing.

Time Blew Away Like Dandelion Seed is a chapbook of more than a hundred formal poems. You may buy a paper copy from Lulu, Amazon UK, or Amazon US. You may also download a PDF of the whole thing for free.

Not Ordinarily Borrowable is the story of a scholar whose library books are stolen by a dragon. You may buy a paper copy from Amazon UK. I believe it's also available on the Kindle and other e-book systems. Feministe described it as "cute, and charming, and, from the first paragraph, put a grin on my face that kept coming back".

If you want any of these signed, email me. I'm happy to sign them if you send me the book and a stamped self-addressed envelope.

My book MeeGo 1.0 Mobile Application Development Cookbook (with ISBN 9781849690324) was quite reasonably cancelled by the publishers before its first printing, because the system it's about was also cancelled. Please don't ask me for copies: they don't exist.

My CV.

A CV is what Americans call a résumé. Email me and ask for a copy. I shall probably put one up here at some point, as well.


Here is my LinkedIn profile. Here also is my Twitter account, though it may not contain much of relevance.