Account policy

If you are related to me by blood or marriage, you are entitled to a account, and more than one if you want it. Please email me at thomas@... and I shall set it up for you.

(If you aren't, but you have some reason for wanting one, such as being called Thurman, you can at least ask for one; it's never happened before, so I'd probably have to canvass all the other users first.)

People with accounts can have:

There is no webmail, but you can use GMail these days and make it send from your account. Let me know if you need help doing this. There is no dynamic DNS support, but you can always use a CNAME.

I will not spam you or publish your email address, but I may email you about service interruptions.

Service interruptions have historically been rare, but they do occasionally happen.

My decisions are final.

Thanks are due to Ian Jackson, for running our primary MX.